Natural Bamboo Drinking Cup
Natural Bamboo Drinking Cup
Natural Bamboo Drinking Cup
Natural Bamboo Drinking Cup
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Natural Bamboo Drinking Cup

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Natural Bamboo Drinking Cup


Natural Bamboo Drinking Cups are an organic, sustainable alternative to plastic cups. Handmade from a single piece of bamboo, these cups are durable for everyday use and come sized at 18cm height, large enough to hold 500ml of your favorite beverage. Whether you're blending up breakfast or sipping cocktails with friends on the patio, this cup will be your new go-to! Combine with bamboo drinking straws for the ultimate experience!

Included: 1 x Bamboo drinking cup (18cm Height - 500ml capacity)

Care Guide & Specs

Natural products require more care than non-sustainable products, but follow these simple tips and your bamboo cups will last for a lifetime:


- Hand wash only - Do not put in the dishwasher

- Keep your wooden cups away from microwaves and refrigerators.

- Try not to leave your cups to soak for too long. Bamboo doesn't like to soak!

Zero Waste Benefits

Bamboo is a natural, renewable resource that's strong enough to hold hot liquids. It grows extremely fast without the use of pesticides or fertilizers which makes it superior to other materials used for cups.


Bamboo holds up well against breakage, so unlike glass or ceramic cups plastic utensils won't damage them either. With proper care, these reusable cups will last for many years.



Message from our partners:

Our bamboo cups are hand crafted by skilled artisans in Thanh Hóa province, Northern Vietnam.

Thanh Hóa is littered with hills and mountains, making the topography perfect for farming bamboo. Because of the large rainfall in Northern Vietnam and the intense sun, our bamboo can grow without the need for added water, unlike other bamboo farming locations in Asia.

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