Coconut Cups | Natural Coco Shell Cup Set of 2
Coconut Cups | Natural Coco Shell Cup Set of 2
Coconut Cups | Natural Coco Shell Cup Set of 2
Jungle Culture

Coconut Cups | Natural Coco Shell Cup Set of 2

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Coconut Cups | Natural Coco Shell Cup Set of 2


Handcrafted coconut cups by Jungle Culture are the perfect sustainable cup for smoothie or juice lovers! Unique sets of 2 include a matching bamboo straw upon purchase.

Set Contains:

2 x Eco-friendly coconut cups
2 x Bamboo drinking straws
1 x Coconut fiber straw cleaning brush

Dimensions: 10cm x 9cm (400ml)

Care Guide & Specs

These eco-friendly coconut cup sets are completely natural and organic which means they need a little bit more love and care than machine made bowls. Follow these instructions and your smoothie cups will last a lifetime!

1. Hand wash your Coconut Cup and do not soak for long periods of time.
2. Do not expose your Coconut Cup to extreme heat. (No hot drinks)
3. Use for room temperature and cold drinks.
4. Do not put your Coconut Cup in the refrigerator, microwave, oven or dishwasher.

Zero Waste Benefits

Coconuts are a natural, renewable resource that's strong enough to hold hot liquids. It grows extremely fast without the use of pesticides or fertilizers which makes it superior to other materials used for cups.

Coconuts hold up well against breakage, so unlike glass or ceramic cups plastic utensils won't damage them either. With proper care, these reusable cups will last for many years.


Message from our partners:

Your coconut cups are a mini version of our coconut bowl sets which are both sourced in the Bên Tre region of Southern Vietnam. An area famed for the quality of it’s coconuts.

For many years the local farmers have made a modest income from selling coconut by-products such as coconut oils and coconut milks. Once the products were harvested the coconut shells and trees were seen as waste and burned to make way for the new crops.

By using coconut cups and bowls you are helping to provide the local farmers with a secondary income, as well as preventing more coconuts and trees being needlessly burned.

Once our coconut shell cups have been harvested they are hand carved by talented craftsmen to create a selection of stunning patterns. Organic, eco-friendly & s

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