The Zero Waste Lifestyle: Clean Living in a Dirty World

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Do you want to live a life that is healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly? The Zero Waste Lifestyle is the answer! Get in to The Zero Vibe- Living the Zero Waste Lifestyle means changing your habits to produce less waste, buy secondhand goods or better yet make them yourself! If you are ready for a change of pace then continue reading below.

To start off, you will need to change your mindset about trash. You might think that some items are harmless to the environment and not worth recycling or repurposing but this is simply untrue! Everything you buy, use and bring into your personal space will affect the environment. Check out our Zero Waste Facts blog to see the impact purchasing decisions have on our planet. Some immediate ways to limit how much waste you produce is by bringing reusable bags with you when shopping for groceries or even bulk items like pasta! Using these reusable bags can save money since plastic grocery store bags cost on average $0.25 cents each, and let's be real, they create clutter in your home.

Try taking a few minutes to sort through your trash before it gets picked up. Yes, I know, sounds gross! But doing this will help you understand what items your household is buying that is creating waste so you can create a baseline of items you can swap out. For example, if most of your waste is paper towels, consider using reusable paper towels this month! Or if most of your waste is food, is it time to consider a food compost? If you find items like paper, cardboard and plastic that can be recycled or composted, this is the time to take action.

An easy way to reduce the amount of waste you produce with food is by bringing a reusable container, tote bag, cup/tumbler, and your own cutlery when you go out to eat lunch at work or school. In this day in age there are so many takeout options it is easy to get caught up in convenience and not think about the amount of waste you are creating. Bringing your own container, tote bag, cup & cutlery will help cut back on plastic baggies, food cartons or other disposable items that would normally be thrown out at your meal!

Check out out Zero Hero Essentials Collection to kick start your Zero Waste Journey! We'd love to hear about your favorite zero-waste habits, and we'd love to see what you've discovered! Share them below!

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