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We all know junk mail is an annoyance, but did you know it has a gigantic impact on the environment? Junkmail creates mounds of waste and is a major source of deforestation. There are some simple steps you can take today to stop receiving junk mail forever! But first, let's learn about the impacts of junk mail.

How does junk mail contribute to deforestation?

Junk mail contributes to deforestation by encouraging the use of paper. Every year, over 100 billion pieces are sent which can be directly linked to deforestation. One estimate found that junk marketing causes more than 100 million trees worth of paper to be wasted each year! That's insane! As you may know, deforestation has become an increasing problem with many species facing extinction due to loss of habitat or food sources that result in their death! It doesn't stop there either, junk marketers also create over three billion pounds of greenhouse gases and use up nearly two million gallons of oil for shipping purposes per year as well. This makes junk mail one major source of fossil fuels consumption contributing to climate change around the globe.

How junk mail contributes to waste?

If you are like many, junk mail is a growing problem in your mailbox. Junkmail creates an incredible amount of waste because it goes straight from the mailbox into the garbage. Junk mail creates waste because junk mail often includes things you did not ask for. This is called “unsolicited junk mail” or "junk marketing". Junk marketing can be in the form of phone calls, emails, brochures, and letters. Unsolicited junk marketing also sends valuable paper straight into our landfills instead of recycling. Junk marketers do not care about this impact on the environment since they're only focused on making money off their clientele by sending out tons of junk mail which leads us to our next question...

How can you stop junk mail?

You can stop junk mail easily by signing up for the United States government's free Do Not Mail Registry. You simply go to this website and register your name, address, phone number(s) with their official database of people who do not want junk marketing! If sending junk mail is illegal in your state then it will be marked as such on the registry so that marketers cannot send out any further junk mail at all! Some states even have laws against using or selling public lists online which just goes to show how dedicated they are towards protecting citizens from receiving unsolicited junk marketing!

To stop receiving junk mail visit:

For the low cost of $2, you can put a stop to junk mail for up to 10 years!

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